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22nd April

  Jumping into bed with the free market...

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Puerto Rico considers legalising prostitution so as to improve the ailing economy
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Puerto Rico flagAfter suffering eight years of recession, Puerto Rico is contemplating more than a hundred different proposals intended to jumpstart its sagging economy, including legal prostitution and marijuana use. Senator Maria Teresa Gonzalez told AP:

We are studying all alternatives and all possibilities. Change always brings inconvenience. I'm convinced that before we talk about something as dramatic and disastrous as layoffs, we have to consider other ideas.

Whether or not the government will actually move forward with such action is up in the air, as doing so would require public hearings, approval by the commonwealth's legislative branch, and the support of Govenor Alejandro Garcia Padilla.


17th April


Swiss massage parlour appeals against fine for advertising unprotected oral sex
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venusia advertVenusia, a Geneva massage parlor, is appealing to Switzerland's highest court over a 1,000-franc fine it received for advertising oral sex services without the use of a condom.

Authorities last year slapped Venusia with fines after it offered royal or imperial fellatio. Venusia's owner told 20 Minutes of that she didn't see why she should pay a fine. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland but subject to regulation, including that of using condoms for oral services:

In all the rest of Switzerland, natural or 'royal' fellatio can be mentioned, the owner. Furthermore, since the girls of the parlor are independent, they can do what they want inside the premises.


16th April

  Porn Without Borders...

French politician gamely explains the benefits of Europe via a metaphor about the availability of porn
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joseph daulEasier access to porn movies across Europe's borders is one of the European Union's key merits, the leader of the European parliament's biggest conservative group has explained.

Asked by a local French newspaper how he convinced young voters to go to the polls in May's European Parliament elections, Joseph Daul first said that the killer argument when promoting the EU's merits was the creation of porn without borders .

I tell them that at their age, when I was 18, when I wanted to go to Kehl (across the border in Germany) to see porno movies that were banned in France, you had to wait two-and-a-half hours to get through customs.

He also explained about the advantages of having a single European currency:

You'd get to the cinema and the film was already finished. And one out of every couple of times I'd realise I'd forgotten to bring deutschmarks!,


8th April

 Offsite Article: Decidedly Phallic...

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kanamara matsuri Images Of Japan's Annual Penis Festival Kanamara Matsuri

See article from


7th April

  Love For Sale...

Rupert Everett to present TV series on why people buy and sell sex
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for sale rupert everett Channel 4 has commissioned Swan Films to produce a documentary series that asks why people really buy and sell sex. Written with, and presented by actor and writer Rupert Everett, Love for Sale is a bold and highly personal take on, the world's oldest profession.

Prostitutes are often seen as either immoral individuals or exploited victims, but in this authored two-parter, Rupert gets behind the stereotypes and hears the unvarnished truth from both sex workers and their clients. Prostitutes, he says, are the world's unacknowledged experts on our most intimate desires.

Rupert is a passionate defender of the dignity and rights of a group of people who he feels have been unjustly stigmatised for thousands of years. In Love for Sale, Rupert offers an unusually truthful and honest insight into the business, and a funny and sometimes angry attack on the hypocrisy that surrounds the subject. Rupert has a natural connection to the men and women who trade their bodies for a living and gets to the core of what trading means, or does not mean to them.

In the first programme, Why People Sell Sex , filmed across the UK, France, the Netherlands and Israel, Rupert meets a range of sex workers, from the young rent boy working the backstreets of Tel Aviv, to the single mother in Exeter who loves her work and high class Brazilian escort who charges her clients £700 per hour. Rupert also visits his former home of Paris to meet some of the women who work the Bois de Boulogne, a notorious rendezvous for prostitutes. He tells the moving story of his old friend, whose brutal murder brought home to him the dangers sex workers face.

Rupert has an insightful perspective on the subject, which has allowed him, with producers Swan Films, to create two very unique films illuminating the honest truth of sex work.

In the second programme, Why People Buy Sex, Rupert explores the motivations of the men who use prostitutes, talking to self-confessed sex addicts, a married man who enjoys sexual role play with a dominatrix. He also meets a divorced transgender father whose experiences with his straight male clients casts a fascinating light on the sexuality of British men and a successful businessman who claims to have spent £150,000 on massage parlour prostitutes in two years. He also meets comedian/actor Russell Brand who talks about his own experiences.

Commissioned by Sara Ramsden, Commissioning Editor for Specialist Factual for Channel 4, who said:

Rupert has a unique authorial voice and his opinions range from the theological to the ideological. It's great to see someone stand up so strongly for the dignity of women living with very difficult choices.


29th March

 Update: Deeper Blues...

Judge rules that thinly veiled morality grounds are sufficient for Leeds Council to close table dancing clubs
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Old BaileyThe two clubs (Wildcats and Deep Blue) which appealed against Leeds City Council's decision not to renew their licence have failed to have this decision overturned at Judicial Review.

The decision confirms that the discretion available to local authorities to refuse renewal or initial license consent is very wide, and that restrictive policies can still be justified so long as there is a clear justification given.

The SEV Licensing Blog tellingly asks:

Which takes us back to the crux of the matter: who defines what is in the general public interest? Are local authorities consulting adequately to ensure different publics have their views felt? Do we trust Licensing Committees to balance the interests of the general public with the rights of those who want to run a legitimate business?

These questions are rhetorical, but need to be asked repeatedly given it is now clear that SEV legislation gives total power to local authorities to ban lap dance clubs in their locality so long as they justify that ban with reference to the public interest.

Meanwhile Wildcats is refusing to admit defeat and has launched a fresh challenge in the courts. Owner Paul Gourlay said:

We are disappointed to hear that we have lost our judicial review of Leeds City Council's decision to remove our license. We challenged the decision based on the council's new policy, that was taken despite the club having no complaints, disturbance issues or any kind of problem in the 12 months from the licence being granted in 2012.

The club's new challenge will focus on the way the council drew up its policy on lapdancing clubs which banned them from prominent areas and limited the total number in the city to four. Gourlay said the move had been:

Driven on moral grounds by a select few and this is firmly against the government's legislation on this matter. It is our view that the vast majority of people couldn't care what we do. We are a law abiding business, employing people and paying taxes, I continue to be at a loss to understand the council's behaviour. We will fight on and hope that we can win our case and make the council see sense.


28th March

 Offsite Article: Lies, Damn Lies, and Sex Work Statistics...

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washington post logo How the media and supposed researchers inflate trafficking figures for their own ends

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